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Additional Material for Book 1

 1.  A sample "Test and Assignment" sheet for a semestered class using Book 1.  You are welcome to use this as a guide.  Just change the dates to suit your needs.  I usually test on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


2.  Guitar Notes:  A note to go home, with the "test and assignment" sheet, for a parental signature.

3.  One Chord Songs:  Believe it or not, you can play two songs with just one chord.

4.  Two chord songs.  Twenty four songs that you can play with D and A7.

5.  A few pages of easy songs to play using mostly the top three strings.

If you would like the easy songs on four pages for easier printing and better quality, please email me at and request "the easy supplemental songs for Book 1".  It's free.

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